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LEZ Factor™ has hosted a number of wonderful events for the women in our networks.  We have also successfully guided women through the process of becoming the person they’ve always wanted to be: a woman who confidently gets what she wants out of life.

We won’t ask that you take our word for it.  Read for yourselves.

“LEZ Factor has helped me evolve tremendously, not only as an individual but as a woman who loves women.  Milly allowed me the opportunity to express the fears and anxieties I encounter when I want to approach an attractive woman.  She asked me questions and listened as I shared my inhibitions.  She provided me with a different perspective.  She guided me and gave me new ways to approach.  My self-esteem and confidence have sky rocketed.  I am eternally grateful to LEZ Factor for helping me to attain the unattainable… learning “the science of chemistry.” -Y.P.

“For the record, I had the most wonderful time at this event!  You’ve renewed my faith that there are still in fact intelligent, attractive, engaging women on the scene, who in turn are approachable and friendly.  Lovely, Lovely, Lovely!”  -S.S.

“LEZ Factor has made significant improvements to my social game.  Milly has helped me tap into my inner sexy, and other parts of myself that I hadn’t acknowledged. I can honestly say that a transformation took place since coming in contact with Milly and the LEZ Factor brand.” -S.G.

“Let’s just say that when you miss out on a LEZ Factor event, it feels like missing out on both a girl’s night out and an opportunity to meet a whole group of new, interesting, fun, and beautiful women (with no pressure).  LEZ Factor’s events have been a great place to go, with no expectations, and walk out with confidence after engaging with women I would have never thought I’d have the ‘cojones’ to speak to in another setting. These events have made me realize that there are normal women out there who care to meet other women, and that they aren’t all crazy! LEZ Factor makes going out to meet women something to look forward to, instead of dreading it. All in all, I love LEZ Factor!  With a night filled with lesbians, activities, alcohol, and conversation, there is only one outcome – FUN.” -L.M.

“I had an awesome time as I knew I would.  There’s always a great turnout and interesting women at the events.  The activities are fun and very well thought out.  The setup is very well organized and the energy is dynamic.  Milly has a lot of passion for what she does and has a lot of consideration for the women attending her events; whether it be our privacy or our anxiety about meeting new women – always very thoughtful.  These events are definitely something I look forward to and are well worth making time for.” -R.C.

“LEZ Factor has helped me in my quest of discovering a woman who truly compliments me. The dating scene can be disappointing, but I’ve learned that I need to be more patient in order to meet my true match. Milly has really put her all into studying the interactions between women and how they can best be carried out in order to lead to more successful encounters and fulfilling relationships. The advice I’ve received from LEZ Factor has definitely been helpful.  I feel more at ease when it comes to approaching women and have turned my focus to just having fun and enjoying the experience of fully exploring who I’m dating.  Now, I’m really looking forward to seeing what my love life holds – thanks to LEZ Factor.” -M.H.

“These are the best events, ever!  Milly organizes the events in such a way that women can interact comfortably.  It’s a very social group and everyone is very friendly.  I’ve met some wonderful women.  The activities planned are always creative and tons of fun.”  -R.G.

“Milly, you outdid yourself.  The event was a lot of fun!  Thank you for helping me get out of my comfort zone.”  -A.L.