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LEZ Factor™ really wants to help you attract the women you desire to have in your life.  Our programs were specifically designed to make that happen.  We know we can help – but only if you’re truly committed to the process.

We offer in-person, group, virtual, and in-field training opportunities in the areas of social dynamics and dating that matter most.

Every potential client gets a free 30-minute consultation to decide what program is best for them.  All services have been meticulously designed to give you the best value, and are guaranteed to suit any single woman in New York City.

If you’d like to become a woman who really understands how to meet and connect with quality women, and knows how to handle herself in diverse situations with diverse groups of women, then this program is for you.

While your friends are still making the same mistakes they have been for years, you’ll be meeting and connecting with the quality women you’ve always wanted in your life.  LEZ Factor’s training services can be the key to the romantic success you’ve been waiting for.

What do we offer?

Which Service Is Right For You?

Information for each of our services is listed in a grid that makes it easier to compare.  We know that the options may seem overwhelming, so we hope that this will help with sorting through our programs.


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 Single by choice Single by circumstance It’s complicated Casually dating Not dating, but want to be In an open relationship
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 Attracting women Trouble meeting women Nervous about approaching women Difficulty talking to women Fear of rejection Reading body language