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LEZ Factor™ organizes events that create an interactive, fun-filled, discussion-driven collection of women coming together to chat about the intricacies of lesbian dating.  We facilitate discussions on what that initial attraction to another woman is like, challenges we face as women dating women, and even best practices for meeting other quality women in New York City.

Women like women.  That’s a fact.  Some women are just curious about dating other women, but never have.  Others love everything about them and aren’t afraid to admit it.  Whether you’re a woman who has only fantasized about dating another woman, or identify as a lesbian, LEZ Factor’s events are perfect for you.Our events typically take place at exclusive lounges or private venues around New York City.  We make sure to create a laid-back environment, so that you can meet other women in a setting outside of the typical, pressure-filled lesbian bar or club.

LEZ Factor™ has created the “NYC Women Who Like Women” Meet-up group, a collective of bi-curious women who are looking to openly connect with other women who share similar fantasies, for bisexual women looking to find ways to interact with other bisexual women, and for lesbians, who by default, just love women and equally enjoy talking about them.

Through this group, we host events that promote the power of socializing.  What better place to put your social skills to good use than in a setting that was specifically design for it?

Simply put, it’s a fun, structured way to connect with women who are equally excited about connecting with you.  All we ask is that you bring an open mind, an open heart, and a desire to mix and mingle with a new group of quality women.  We’ll take care of the rest.

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