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LEZ Factor™

LEZ Factor™ is a New York City-based business, dedicated to teaching lesbian, bisexual, and bi-curious women how to build attraction through enhanced social interaction.  Through seminars, training opportunities, and special events, women can learn the fundamentals of attraction, and even how to communicate effectively with other women in order to build chemistry every time.

Some would say that being trained by LEZ Factor™ would give you an unfair advantage in the dating world.  Not surprising – given that after your training, you’ll end up smoother, more prepared, and more capable of dating and pursuing connections with a heightened sense of self-confidence.

We offer a very different form of education.  LEZ Factor™ will set you in the right direction in terms of improving not just your dating life, but your social life in broader terms.  You may have all the skills in the world, but if you can’t meet new people and develop genuine connections, then success is a far-fetched notion!

LEZ Factor’s approach is cutting edge, practical, and personal.  Simply put, our objective is to empower women to make every romantic exchange a meaningful one.

The Founder

When Milly began to notice an enormous need within the lesbian dating world, she knew that she could do something about it.  As a constant student of her surroundings, Milly noticed that more and more women in her community were unhappy with their love lives – or lack thereof.  She made it her mission to systematically come up with a solution.  Soon thereafter, LEZ Factor™ was born.

Founder, Milly DuBouchet, is a graduate of Syracuse University, and holds a degree in Entrepreneurship and Emerging Enterprises.  She’s worn numerous hats, with an extensive background in professional dance, personal finance, and most recently, modeling.

After having devoted years of her life to a career in finance, she one day decided to leave that world behind to build the business she’s always dreamed of.  She hasn’t looked back since.

Milly spends her time studying the ins and outs of social dynamics, and over the course of the last five years, it has become her fascination.  She has developed and refined her theories on the impact of advanced social interaction on successful dating.  After years of first-hand research, she has worked tirelessly to create a platform that would soon help to change the lives of women in very important, positive ways.

In addition to relentless self-growth, content development, and advising for LEZ Factor™, Milly loves to spend time with her life partner, and enjoys making positive connections with the women in her community.